Stories of Water is to be a creative and educational journey that links countries, communities and people through their common, elemental connection to water.

Using the creative arts, and in particular theatre, a group of four individuals will connect and collect cultural stories associated with people's relationship to water.

The journey will begin in the temperate climate of North Wales, and will travel across the European mainland, through part of the Middle East and then down the east coast of the African continent –culminating in Cape Town, South Africa. It is estimated that the journey will begin in the summer of 2009.

The individuals involved in the travelling will be experienced in differing aspects of the creative arts – from theatre/visual arts/photography/film etc – and also in workshop planning and facilitation.

The project is not for profit and is independently run and not linked to a specific organisation or group, however the project is open to forging links with relevant charity based organisations – with the possibility of helping to raise awareness or funds.

Although expenses are hoping to be covered, the individuals will be contributing their time and expertise voluntarily.

In keeping with an environmental awareness, the project also intends to highlight the possibility of travel and cross-cultural communication without the use of an aeroplane as the main method of transportation.

Upon return to the UK it is hoped that the creative material collected can form the basis of educational workshops, exhibitions and performances in schools and local communities.

The long-term vision for the project is the creation of a sustainable creative programme based in the UK that can, in particular, uniquely contribute to the recent development of a ‘global dimension’ within the British curriculum.